The Problem With Your Fat Loss Goal

Are you setting up a realistic weight goal for yourself? 

Most of the time, our goal weight is the lowest weight that we have ever been, and that is the weight that you are trying to get back to.


Most of the time your goal weight was achieved by doing something really extreme such as doing a very low-calorie diet, hardly eating, being really strict with food, not having social life and a lot more.

You got to that weight but then you CANNOT SUSTAIN IT.

The only way to sustain it is to continuously do the same extreme eating patterns which now leads you to go on vicious cycle of losing and gaining weight.

Are you willing and ready to break-free from all the faddy diets and reclaim your confidence and energy?

Let me know in the comments.

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  • My lowest weight achieved was in my 40’s by restricting food I was miserable but lost weight only to put it back and then join the never ending cycle of dieting.
    I’m 72 now and I’m ready to embrace a new and healthy way of eating my realistic goal weight is 12stone a far cry from the 10 stone I once was.But now I know I will be able to maintain this weight enjoying my food.x


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