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“I am one of those typical ladies whose been on a diet most of her adult life, probably even since being a teenager. 
I survived on soup, lettuce and Ryvita’s and followed
every diet you can imagine.
I got obsessed with counting calories but it still didn’t work for me.
The last 12 months since joining the WLA I lost 2 ½ stone, haven’t counted a calorie in over a year and bought a crop top for the first time in my life”


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“I have struggled with my weight and the things it did to my mind and self-dislike all my life.

With the wonderful teaching, support and menus, I have learnt how to feed my body and listen to it, rather than just eat for the sake of it or if I am fed up! I have lost weight and am now the slimmest I have been since I got married 16 years ago!

So now in size 10 and so positive and happy.”


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“I’ve tried every diet under the sun. Started on a Monday, hating myself on a Wednesday. Being in a cycle of despair. 

That was for 15 years.

After a couple of OMG moments and a health scare I joined the WLA and I’ve never looked back.

I went from a size 20 to size 10 – 12.”


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“I used to manage my weight by exercising. I used my exercising as an excuse to eat what I wanted. When I got older this didn’t work for me anymore as I was overeating after exercising. 

I felt I had to deprive myself and joined some other diet programs, but on them I lost weight, off them I gained weight. It wasn’t working for me.

When I joined WLA I hit the highest weight I had ever been. But now I have never felt better. A win for me was when my husband joined me in the WLA and now I have a very hot husband”


I used the be the queen of yo-yo dieting. Some years ago I lost a lot of weight, but then I didn’t notice the weight started to creep back to even a worse weight than before. I’m also the queen of denial.

It was humiliating to me that I kept failing again and again in this part of my life.

I joined the WLA and with their help I lost almost 3 stone and turned my lifestyle around without ever feeling like I was on a strict diet.”  


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“September 2021 was the heaviest I’ve ever been.

Being a vegetarian I thought it would be easy to lose weight on my own, but I was wrong.

I joined the WLA and really enjoyed the meals. In January 2022 I started to workout.  

Less than a year late I’m 3 stone and 3 dress sizes down! 

It’s the best investment I have ever made” 


I feel like I’ve been on a journey with food all of my life. At Primary school, if you didn’t clear your plate at lunch time you were not allowed out to play. I spent many many playtimes sitting on the stage with cold congealed food that would make me retch. I dreaded meal times at school and anywhere else. From this also comes my need to eat quickly, I think this is linked to my ’empty plate’ syndrome.


Something changed back in 2015 and I finally decided to do something about my weight. I hit a huge 24 stone, six pounds, which was really big, as you’ll see from the photos. I started using some of the well known diets and they work short term. But as soon as something comes up, ill health, life and things start to yo yo and you can gain and lose.


Before I joined the Weight Loss Academy I tried Paleo, Slimming World, put on weight, Slimming World, put on weight, Paleo, Keto, intermittent fasting and the Hormone Reset diet and messed up my metabolism. I was confused, frustrated, sad and uncomfortable.


2020 dawned and New Year resolutions were made the same as every previous year. Lose weight and get fitter etc. same, same old story. Yo-Yo dieting throughout my adult years. Tried this one and that one but always put any weight I took off back on, often with extras added. Slimming World (SW) was my most successful so that was what was planned for spring to feel better for summer.


Previous diets include ‘dash’- a low carb, no sugar metabolic reset for diabetics set by medics. Lost 1 stone in 7 months, recorded my targets, but body shape did not change and weight went back on. I felt frustrated, upset and confused at not finding the right diet that worked. It was a light bulb moment when WLA popped up on Facebook, I felt happy and had a good feeling about the programme before I even joined.


Before discovering Anna , I was a serial dieter. From starvation to diet pills & using laxatives as a teenager to all the advertised diets in the media. Had been dieting since I was 14-15 always looking for that quick fix with instant results. I’d been successful with WW for a while then would flit on to the next diet, SW , SureSlim, Almaseed meal replacement , Slimfast & finally Cambridge 1:1 Diet.


Before finding the Academy I’d been on every diet known to man, from the age of 20, after having my first baby I started dieting, I am now 47.


Wow just wanted to remind myself on how far I’ve come with the cooking side of things & cannot believe the amount of yummy dishes I’ve made since joining WLA & enjoyed every one of them. This is a complete eye opener, love this way of eating.


Before discovering Anna on a Facebook advert, I was an historical yo-yo dieter. Over the years, since my teens (when my friends Mum introduced me to Weight Watchers even though I didn’t have a weight problem), I have tried lots of faddy diets.


Before finding Anna I had tried every diet you can think of and at that time I was losing weight, gaining and losing again using a really restrictive food replacement system.


I started the reset in July 2020 a week after my 41st birthday. I have always yo-yoed with my weight & have been at my smallest a size 12 in my late teens, up to size 18 following the births of my 3 daughters & most recently earlier this year.


My name is Vicky, I am 37 years old, a 
virgo and I have been a yo yo dieter my 
WHOLE life.
13 weeks in and I have nearly lost 2 stone 
in weight. 

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