Put yo hand if you love carbs? 🥨🥖🍞🥯⁠⁠

I mean I still don’t understand why the dieting industry needs to make everyone afraid of this food group. ⁠⁠
Yes let’s reduce the amount of processed carbs but let’s keep in those healthy wholegrain options that are packed full of fibre and nutrients. ⁠⁠
In the academy we are all about balancing our carbs, not eliminating them, just having them in the right portions. ⁠⁠
Essentially we focus on matching higher carb meals with a lower carb option. However with our lower carb meal, we still pile on the veggies (yes veggies are carbs but lets be honest, most people need to eat a few more veggies and typically these are not the carbs to worry about), we pack in the protein and add in some healthy fats. ⁠⁠
Which makes the lower carb meal nothing like what you see in measly diets. ⁠⁠
Here’s some of my fav low carb and high carb options (with the burger, you could even have a few chips on the side) that we balance together in the academy (recipes from our members website).⁠⁠
Let us know you favourite HIGH or LOW carb meal in the comments below.⁠⁠

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