Dieting vs. Non Dieting Mentality

Are you exercising to lose weight 🚫 or because you can ✅? ⁠⁠
Movement looks different for everyone. ⁠⁠
🏊🚶🏋️ Some people like to swim, others walk and some enjoy the gym. ⁠⁠
😁 Do what you like and remember to move because it makes you feel good. ⁠⁠
💪 Move because it releases those endorphins and makes you feel empowered and strong⁠⁠
😨 Move your body as a form of self-respect, rather than a soul-destroying weight loss tactic. ⁠⁠
Here’s how to change your focus ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⁠⁠
🙁 How many calories did I burn?⁠⁠
🙁 I feel so guilty if I skip gym⁠⁠
🙁 I only workout to lose weight⁠⁠
🙁 If I eat more, I will work out more to work it off⁠⁠
😀 I focus on how exercise makes me feel, physically and emotionally⁠⁠
😀 Exercising is part of a healthy lifestyle⁠⁠
😀 Exercising helps me manage my stress⁠⁠
😀 Exercising reminds me how strong and powerful I am⁠⁠
Be mindful of the dieting mentality, and focus every day on making decisions from the non-dieting mentality that are empowering and will help you create a loving relationship with yourself, the food you eat and how you move your body.
Which one do you need to give some attention to?⁠⁠
Let us know in the comments below.

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