Friday HEW: Reduce Food Waste ✋😳🥗

It’s the final day of Healthy Eating Week #HEW22 & today we’ll be taking steps to reduce the amount of food we waste by freezing any leftovers, planning our meals & writing our shopping lists.

In the UK, households are responsible for 70% of UK food waste. According to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), the three most commonly wasted foods are fresh potatoes, bread, and milk.

So much goes into producing our food – water, energy, land, and transport. Reducing the amount of food we waste is therefore important to make diets more sustainable, helping you save money but also helping to save wasting the planet’s resources.

You can make slight changes to reduce your food waste by storing foods correctly!

👀 Check the food storage information on food labels

🧊 Set your fridge to 0-5°C and freezer to -18°C

🕐 Store your food in airtight containers to keep it fresh for longer

Some more top tips to reduce the amount of food we waste are: 

1. Know your portions and use these when you choose, cook, and serve food and drinks (to stop buying or cooking too much). Measure out the portion sizes using weighing scales, spoons or your hands 🥄

2. If you buy more food than is needed, freeze it for another time. Did you know that butter, cheese, milk, coconut milk, chilli and herbs can all be frozen? 🧊

3. Choose foods with the latest ‘use by’ date to maximise the time you have to use it 📅

4. Write a shopping list of ingredients to get the right amount of food for meals and snacks during the week 🛒

5. Plan to eat leftovers, or use them as part of other dishes, the next day 🥣🍝

Let us know in the comments below what you already do to stop and prevent food waste.

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