How To Handle Eating Out and Fat Loss

Hope you had a wonderful new year!

Can’t believe that 2021 has gone by so fast and we now in 2022!

Most of you probably would want to get back into routine again after a lot of food indulgences after the holidays.

There’s the famous “New Year, New Me” so here’s a video that I feel could help you snap back to your healthy eating habits, specifically, when eating out.

I understand that some might be feeling lost on where to start getting back into a healthy routine. Tell you what, you can always pick up where you left off. And to help you snap back to your healthy eating habits, here are some things that I would like to discuss about eating out:

✅If you are someone who’s eating out once a week, know that doing this will not impact your progress. You can definitely afford to choose what you want. In the Academy, we have the 80/20 approach to food, wherein 80 percent of your meals follow the WLA Formula (this focuses on portion sizes and carb balance) and 20 percent goes is for your indulgences. This gives you a wiggle room to choose whatever you want as your indulgent meal. When eating out most of the meals are indulgent type of meals anyway, and you do not have to go there thinking what would be the healthier option.

Go and pick whatever you like. In this way, you do not feel restricted. ????

✅ If you are someone who is eating out quite often, then this is the time that you probably have to consider picking more healthier options as this could impact your weight loss efforts.

The good news is, The WLA Formula or the structure of your meals do not change and is always there with you as a guide to keep you reminded on how to strike a balance on your meals. (we have a free guide coming next week if you want to see what our fat loss formula is like, have a go at getting results without doing crappy diets)

Whatever bracket you belong to, always remember that you do not need to eat perfectly to see results.

In the Academy, we are all about proper balance and being mindful will help you strike and gain your control back despite all the enticing foods around you…

So go and have fun eating out with your friends, families or loved ones!

Hope this helps you in some way… Let me know in the comments below ⤵️

Wishing everyone a prosperous and healthy new year!

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  • Makes sense Anna, good thing about this program is you get back on track the following day

  • As someone who eats out usually once a fortnight I found this really helpful, it’s such a great feeling knowing I can choose what to eat rather than having to go for the healthier option. Thank you Anna

    • Hi Christine. Glad it helped you. It’s important that you don’t feel restricted.


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