Episode 13 – 4 Secrets For Weight Loss Motivation

The Goal Getter Podcast
The Goal Getter Podcast
Episode 13 - 4 Secrets For Weight Loss Motivation

Motivation comes and goes, discover in this solo episode how to feel motivated, more often.

Learn that motivation is a feeling and why waiting for external situations to make you feel motivated, takes you further away from your goal. 

In this episode I dive into –

-Goal setting – why your 2 stone weight goal doesn’t motivate you

-Season – investigating what season you are in, on a micro and macro level. This is key for knowing when to seek motivation or knowing when to cool things off

-Weight loss tracking – discover why jumping on the scales each day is giving you inaccurate information that impacts your motivation 

-Why – think about why you want to reach your goals, what’s important about them and how your life will change

Enjoy, time to get motivated and focused…

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  • I live in Nova Scotia Canada at 32 Aberdeen Ave. New Glasgow B2h4a9

  • “I can choose to feel motivated”

    “Notch down when in my bad season”

    “Smaller achievable goals, as opposed to end goal”

  • This podcast was very informative especially the section about motivation. I am afraid to admit that I probably have waited for motivation to find me! I have never thought of it in this way and have probably wasted lots of time wallowing. I am trying to reframe this in my mind to use when needed.

    • Hi Fiona,

      That’s great to hear!

      Glad it was helpful.

      Let us know if you need anything else that we can help you with.

  • Just listened to the podcast. Can you help retired post menopausal women who have no seasons 😃


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