Episode 14 – How To Think Thin

The Goal Getter Podcast
The Goal Getter Podcast
Episode 14 - How To Think Thin

In today’s episode we dive deep into how to think like a healthy person and why this could be crucial to your weight loss success. 

We talk about – 

  • How your overweight identity is running the show and what to do about it 
  • Why your desires to be slim and healthy are incongruent with your beliefs about struggling with your weight and relationship with food
  • Understand why you may sabotage your weight loss when you start seeing good results but then go backwards 
  • How to make decisions each day from the healthy version of you and why it’s a game changer for weight loss

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  • Thank you, that’s really helpful.
    My new affirmations are:
    I have full control around food.
    I am healthy, strong and slim.
    I look good in photos
    I can stay the weight I want to be.

    • Hi Kate,
      That’s great! Well done!!
      Let us know if we can help you with anything else.

  • This is just what I need at this time,now I need to take action and live my best healthy lifestyle.
    I need to leave my old identity behind and embrace my new healthy identity.Question myself and think about my new healthy identity.Im going to write down my old identity and answer with my new powerful identity.

  • Hi Anna

    I’m on your current 21 Day rest programme, just finishing Week 1.

    Thank you for this podcast, was really interesting and looking back at myself , everything you were saying is true. I tell myself
    I will just stay fat and cuddy
    Oh Im auditioning for the Hippo Roll in Fantasia
    Cant open a packet of Biscuits without eating them all.

    I could come up with loads more.

    Turning it around and I have been thinking really positive this week.

    Looking after my body. Preparing the meals and wanting to eat healthy stuff. Had a good session binning all the crap stuff I had been eating.

    Absolutely loving the 21 Day Reset, I cant tell you how happy I am that by chance I saw your post on Facebook.

    Sorry cant answer you on Instagram, I haven’t got it. Must get my daughter to set it up for me. For now though only Facebook xx

    • Hi Dawn,

      Great to hear you are turning things around and glad you love the 21 Day Reset!

      Keep up the good work and if you have any questions, let us know in the Facebook group, so our coaches can help you.


    • Hi Georgina, What unfortunate to hear. Have you reached out to our coaches in the Facebook group? As they will be able to help you and support you.

  • Am absolutely loving your 21 day reset:) it has sorted my head out and reminded how much l love choosing healthy….

    • Hi Sharon,
      Amazing news!!
      Glad to hear you are loving it!
      Keep up the good work and if you need any help or support or if you have any questions, just reach out to our coaches in the Facebook group!

  • Very interesting and lots of good helpful ideas. Thankyou so much . I’m on the 21 day reset at the moment . Loving the food and finding it easier as we go along .

  • Hi Anna
    I’m starting the programme today , I’ve been building up to it and making all preparations.
    I’ve been listening to some of the podcasts and can’t believe how all the comments are how I am .
    I relate to everything you talk about Eg opening a packet of biscuits and eating them all etc .
    Definitely helps when I listen to you , I want a new me appearance and healthy .
    So I’m following the plan as from today looking forward to hearing more brilliant support from you
    Thankyou Hazel x

    • Hi Hazel,

      Good news!! Amazing you are starting and glad to hear you can identify yourself with the comments.
      Let’s make a new start, if you need more help. let our coaches know in the Facebook group.
      Good luck in the Reset!!

  • I have just finished the first week of the 21 day reset. I am loving your training sessions with your nuggets of ‘enlightenment’. For the first time in along time I am enjoying the food I am eating and not dreading and regretting everything I put in my mouth. Sitting back and reflecting on the new me is so powerful. Thank you for passing on this new perspective.

    • Great to hear Julia! Glad you are enjoying it! Let us know if we can help you with anything!

  • I’m currently on the May reset and loving every aspect of it including listening to these podcasts. Really inspiring and helpful. Thanks Anna and team ❤️

    • Hi Jo, Glad to hear this!! Let us know if you need any help!

  • I don’t have instagram or the first idea about itunes- I’m a dinosaur where these are concerned. I am on the second week of the 21 day free reset programme and loving the recipes/cooking/food. I have learned that it is not just about weight, but fat loss as well (eating good fats is good!) and that you, only you, are in charge of your choices, but you are not alone, the support is immense. I am 65, have been a carer to my parents in the past and support my adult son who has mental health issues. At times when he is in hospital I either don’t eat or eat too much, it swings. I have osteoarthritis recently diagnosed in neck, hand, hip and foot. Pre-diabetes and need to lose 2 stone and I am committed and confident I have found the route to this end. Only I can help myself – I too could open a packet of biscuits and eat the lot!! I am at present recovering from an operation on my hand where a trapezium joint was removed due to arthritis – but the cooking has helped with the exercises for my hand and I have swapped yoga for Wall Pilates. There is always a way. I am steadily losing weight but feel much healthier – you are what you eat and you have proved that. By the way I love your accent Anna- a pleasure to listen to!

    • Amazing to hear this Lynne!! Glad to share your story and that you are willing to commit to yourself. And everyone has different lives, but we can all try to make better decisions to improve our health. Let us know if you need anything!

  • Found this podcast very interesting. This is so me thinking negatively, I will definitely turn those thoughts around into more positive thoughts and strive to find my new identity. Day 13 for me and so far so good.

  • Great podcast. Could certainly relate ! Found it very supportive.

    • Great to hear Melanie! Let us know if we can do anything for you.

  • Hi Anna
    Loving your podcasts as well as the reset your very inspiring. So this question you asked us to think about was hard for me, thinking about how I view myself, the things I tell myself when it comes to my weight and the negative comments I make, the fact is I rarely do. On the occasions I have I have wanted to lose weight it’s been due to either seeing a photo of myself which is few and far between (as I don’t like having my pictures taken)or I’ve looked in the mirror and thought god I need to sort this weight out I’m to fat. So after really thinking about it properly I’ve realised that I put everyone else 1st, just got the take aways or snacked on junk as ive been to busy and havent actually loved myself enough to take the time to take care of myself till now. Since signing up to your program and listening to you on zoom or on the podcasts I’ve found I’m actually thinking about food and what I’m putting into my body and its working so all I can say is thank you so much and I’m looking forward to the rest of my journey to a healthy happier me

    • Hi Jayne, amazing to hear that this is helping you in your journey! If you need any support, just let us know!

  • Loved this podcast
    Makes you think there is so much more to eating healthy than controlling your food intake it’s certainly helps if you are in the right mindset
    You control the food it does not control you

    • Hi Teresa, Amazing to hear you like the podcast! And you are right! Let us know if you need any help.

  • Great podcast, very motivating, I can relate to a lot of it. I’m on day 6 and loving all the recipes and snacks, haven’t touch anything sweet all week. Thank you so much for letting me join the group of lovely ladies and coaches and having the chance to turn things around.

    • Hi Dawn, amazing to hear you are enjoying the reset so far! Let us know if you need any support.

  • Hi Anna
    I enjoyed the podcast and your positivity and enthusiasm is infectious and motivating. I can identify with all you say. Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this group. The recipes and meal plan are great and I had to smile yesterday when my daughter said the kitchen was like ‘ masterchef ‘ with all the lovely ingredients and cooking going on. The whole family are enjoying the meals too and are delighted I am doing this. 😀

  • Hi Ann,
    Great pod cast, the old me has always struggled with my weight, I am not guilty of eating the wrong foods but guilty of eating too large a portion & eating too quickly.
    The new me is loving the recipes and they are educating me in portion control.
    I have looked at some of my meals and didn’t think I would stay full. How wrong I was.
    I am learning to be more mindful while eating and taking my time instead of rushing.
    I now understand that planning and prepping meals is essential, leaving nothing to chance.
    The new me can do this I am in control, my future is bright, I am on a long journey but I am determined to get there.🥰

  • My weight yo yo felt like Blobby. Now I feel so positive about this. I know my medical conditions can contribute to weight going up and down but now I shall be in control. In the past I got so disheartened. Your podcasts are great, very motivated after listening this . So glad I started this. Thank you

  • Wow ! i am finding these podcasts so inspirational , I do struggle in the evenings though, I have dinner around six and go to bed around 11,30pm should i have a snack before i retired to bed to help my metabolisms burn off fat during the night

  • Hi Anna
    Your podcast totally resonated with me as I was that person, I always identified as the chubby one in our family and amongst our friends
    I always struggled with the “green eyed” monster when someone thin went by or was introduced to someone thin and together.
    I have struggled with food when I am alone – thinking to my self so what if I eat the whole bag no one is here to notice. My father once told me when I was young – after I bought a new dress and shoes and had my hair done -” that everything looked good to bad the person wearing these things wasn’t as good looking” – looking back that had a devastating effect on me and I believe that’s why I turned to food and negative thoughts as I didn’t feel worthy. But effective today,
    MY new identity will be to change my mindset to say I’m no longer the chubby one as I am on my way to a new healthier thinner person – that “what was is no longer what is”. I will embrace the quiet times that I am alone not with food but with meditation and positive thoughts!
    I AM WORTHY!!!!

  • This is my second podcast and loving all the tips and advice.
    Why i sabotage my weight is life style and I hate photos.
    To change that I can and will change my life style and I love photos I am beautiful.
    Looking forward to learning more.

  • Great advice, I’ve now actually listened to and written down my inner voice and going to flip it around,, Thanks Anna

  • I have always been the biggest in my social group , work , etc we are a family with weight issues
    I have no willpower I’m addicted to bread carbs . I want to be healthy so true but feel this has been my destiny !! My dream has always been to achieve a healthy relationship with good Feel this programme is for me

    Life would be more healthy/active
    I am Wearing clothes that fit / suit me
    I am planning meals in advance I am walking every day and building up my distance
    I am changing my thinking and being the healthy version of me now
    Great podcast for the start of my new journey

  • 1) I am the fat person and it brings me down.
    1)I am a person looking after my weight and taking steps to be healthy and slim.
    2) I always give up because I am fat anyway.
    2) I never give up because I am becoming a slim person.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed today’s podcast .It has actually opened my eyes ,and I have had one of those rare “lightbulb moments “.
    To hear how a person’s early perception of themselves ,carries on into adult life , and can have such a detrimental effect .

    I will tell myself ,that I am worthy of this journey to a healthy life .
    I am not greatly overweight ,about a stone ,but have been telling myself , subconsciously,that I will never get this last bit of weight off … but I can and I will , because i am the one In control of what I put into my mouth , as you say ,my bloody is not a bin !
    I won’t weigh myself ,I will use my clothes ,a mirror and a tape measure to track my progress .
    I also strength training at home ,and can already see my body changing , so this is my push .. I will be at a point where I am satisfied with my overall look of my body , and I will be stronger and healthier !
    Thankyou for today’s podcast ,it was an eye opener .

  • This is awesome. I love the food, the mind setting, the support. Taking the baby steps to success the right way. Loving separating the body from the soul. Moving away from feeling negative and moving towards feeling positive.
    Thankyou for everything.


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