Episode 5 – 5 Things I Have Learned Since Starting My Health Coaching Business

The Goal Getter Podcast
The Goal Getter Podcast
Episode 5 - 5 Things I Have Learned Since Starting My Health Coaching Business

Welcome to Episode 5 folks and today I want to share 5 things I have learned since starting my own health coaching business over 5 years ago. Gosh I really have owned a business for over 5 years. In some ways I still feel like “who the hell allowed me to start a business”

I did though and these 5 years have entirely changed my life in more ways than I can imagine. So today I want to give you some insight into what these personal lessons I have learned through my own personal journey.

The episode dives into – 

  • What does freedom really feels like and once you get a taste of it, you won’t go back
  • Why the 9-5 rat race doesn’t suit everyone and why society makes us feel like that’s what we have to do, even though we don’t
  • How the feeling of helping people is possibly the best feeling ever and that when you have purpose it rarely feels like work (that doesn’t mean you don’t put the hours in though)
  • When you own your own business there is no income ceiling, you create your own income. Which means you can make a lot more money than your regular office job. – Failing is beautiful and serves a purpose. There are lessons in every wrong decision or bad choice. How failing helps us grow and flourish as individuals 

Plus so much more…

Hope you enjoy – 

If you have any takeaways from the episode – screenshot the episode and tag me in your stories on Instagram @iamannawallace. I would love to know. 


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