Episode 6 – 3 Reasons To Ditch The Scales

The Goal Getter Podcast
The Goal Getter Podcast
Episode 6 - 3 Reasons To Ditch The Scales

Welcome to Episode 6 and today I am chatting all things weighing scales and 3 reasons why you should ditch them. 

I openly share how I was addicted to weighing myself for years and how it dictated my whole day, from how I would eat and how I would speak to myself. It was soul destroying and it had to end. I was able to break free and I talk about how I managed that.

The episode dives into – 

  • Why weighing yourself doesn’t show the full picture (monthly cycle, menopause, popping, hydration levels all impact what we weigh and it fluctuates on a daily basis)
  • The scales are an unhealthy trigger and can instigate unhealthy eating patterns and self sabotage.
  • Why it’s time to give up the external tool and start using your internal tool track progress

Plus so much more…

Hope you enjoy – 

If you have any takeaways from the episode – screenshot the episode and tag me in your stories on Instagram @iamannawallace. I would love to know. 


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