Episode 8 – Understanding Human Design To Unlock Who You Truly Are

The Goal Getter Podcast
The Goal Getter Podcast
Episode 8 - Understanding Human Design To Unlock Who You Truly Are

Welcome to episode 8 friends, understanding human design to unlock who you truly are with the one and only Nicola Cloherty.  

Nicola Cloherty is a mentor and guide for women wanting to reconnect to who they truly are, working with their innate womb wisdom, natural ebb and flow of their female hormones and beautifully unique energetic blueprint via Human Design. She froths on communication, connection, and delving into a beautiful treasure trove of self-care, self-love and self-healing tools and practices to support herself and others. 

She offers human design readings, 1:1 mentoring programmes, and courses to help women implement who their soul intended them to be, the life they are meant to live, how to run a business that’s totally inline with what your soul and female biology.

Nicola uses a bunch of beautiful tools and modalities to bring you back to you ~ everything we need is within.

She also loves 

~ calamari, avocados and chocolate eclairs (actually, all of the food)

~ dancing and moving her vessel every single day

~ mother nature, her scents and fresh flowers on the table

~ speaking – (on her poddy or with people) about connection, soul intentions, periods, vaginas, vulvas, self-care, conscious creation, awareness, love and nourishment 

~ writing – both for herself and her community (mainly via the Gram)

~ hanging out and making memories with humans and furry friends that make her cheshire cat smile as wide as possible 

In this episode we dive into – 

  • Nicola’s experience from working in corporate, living a life that never stopped and feeling fully disconnected from her body. To now living a more soul intended life with more personal connection than ever.  
  • What human design is and how it can improve your life
  • The various human design types and what they mean 
  • How to get started with learning about human design 
  • Nicola’s top tips for shifting from a fast paced life to living more in tune with your body and soul 

Plus so much more. 

You can find Nicola via 

Website: https://nicolacloherty.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nicolacloherty

Podcast – ‘SELFISH. with Nicola Cloherty’

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https://spoti.fi/388f1ag – Spotify

https://bit.ly/3c9icRf – Stitcher

http://bit.ly/2lTuNjp – SoundCloud

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