Re-starting your diet EVERY Monday? 🥕⁠⁠

Saying you aren’t allowed certain foods while you try to lose weight? 🛑⁠⁠

Saying NO to chocolate? 🍫⁠⁠

I know when I used to diet, Sunday night would normally mean eating everything that I wanted before my “DIET” started on Monday 🍔⁠⁠

When I dieted there were strict rules and only certain foods were allowed, god that’s why it was so boring and I never lasted 😂⁠⁠

Anyway Monday would come and by lunch time I would already be thinking about all the food I wasn’t allowed.⁠⁠

Thinking to myself how the hell am I going to last a month eating like this when even after a few hours I was going crazy.⁠⁠

It never worked!⁠⁠

Restricting yourself never works!⁠⁠

It might for a while but eventually you will cave and cave in hard, like I did.⁠⁠

Then all your good efforts go to waste and you feel like an absolutely failure because you couldn’t survive on carrots and lettuce leaves.⁠⁠

So you need to stop forbidding certain foods.⁠⁠

Tell someone to not think about a pink elephant and that is the first thing they will think of.⁠⁠

That’s exactly what happens when you say to yourself you are not allowed chocolate, your brain ONLY thinks about chocolate!!⁠⁠

Trust me the brain beats even the strongest willpower in time.⁠⁠

And mostly you then end up eating your own body weight in chocolate SIMPLY because you restricted yourself and told yourself NO!⁠⁠

So allow yourself a bit of chocolate, come on!⁠⁠

If you actually take a regular portion and learn to not overeat or feel guilty there is no problem here.⁠⁠

Eating a portion of chocolate will never make you gain weight, the whole context is important.⁠⁠

Allow yourself to be free of a restricted diet, you will find that you will be able to make better choices and not have to binge.⁠⁠
Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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