The Importance of Breakfasts 🍳🥣⁠

The WLA recommends having breakfast within an hour to an hour and a half within waking but why is this? ⁠

🕢 Making sure to eat within an hour to an hour and a half of waking will help to keep blood sugar levels steady all day long. ⁠

🎢 If you start the day with a balanced meal, you are less likely to hop on the blood sugar rollercoaster, which means ⁠

🍫 Fewer cravings and less likely to snack on unhealthy foods⁠
💪 More energy ⁠
🍽️ More control over food choices⁠

📈 In fact, research has shown that skipping breakfast caused bigger blood sugar spikes after lunch and dinner.⁠

Here are some of our favourite breakfasts 😋⁠

1. Raspberry Breakfast Trifle⁠
2. Overnight Coconut Oats⁠
3. Curried Scrambled Eggs⁠
4. Banana Split⁠
5. Strawberry And Vanilla Thickshake⁠

Let us know what your favourite breakfast is in the comments below ❤️

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