This & That Breakfasts 🍞🍌

👀 In a previous post, we told you why it is important not to skip breakfast.

⏳ It is also important for breakfast to be made up of healthy options which keep you feeling fuller for longer and therefore less likely to grab snacks high in sugar or fat, later in the morning.

🔁 Something as simple as swapping out your breakfast for healthier foods can go a long way in helping to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Here are some simple swaps to set you up for the day:

🌟 Swap sugary cereals for no-added-sugar muesli

🌟 Swap sugary cereal bars for WLA protein balls

🌟 Swap fruit-flavoured yoghurt for Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit

🌟 Swap white bread for brown or wholegrain bread

🌟 Swap jam on toast for peanut and banana on toast

Let us know in the comments below what ingredients you will swap.

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