Thursday HEW: Stay Hydrated 🥃💧

Switching from a single use plastic bottle to a reusable water bottle that we can fill up from the tap is one way we’re staying hydrated while also reducing plastic waste this Healthy Eating Week #HEW22

Our bodies lose water throughout the day in urine and sweat as well as lesser amounts through breathing. If we do not drink enough fluids, we can become dehydrated over time. To stay hydrated we need fluid from foods and drinks.

We should have around 6-8 glasses or cups of fluid each day, and more if the weather is hot, or we are exercising or being active.

Water is an excellent choice for your main drink because it keeps you hydrated without adding calories to your diet, or sugars that can potentially damage teeth.

Healthier choices include unsweetened tea, coffee, herbal infusions and milk, Unsweetened 100% fruit or vegetable juices and smoothies can provide vitamins and minerals, however, try to keep to one small glass (150ml) per day.

Alcoholic drinks do not count towards your fluid intake, and you should limit sugary soft drinks – swap these for water or soft drinks without added sugars. 

Here are some top tips for staying hydrated: 

1. Keep a glass or bottle of tap water with you to encourage you to drink plenty of water 🚰

2. Invest in a reusable bottle for water and a reusable flask for hot drinks 🌍

3. Infuse tap water with different fruit and vegetables for extra flavour – try strawberries, cucumber, and mint 🍓

4. Have a glass of milk after exercising for protein and hydration 🥛

For more top tips see the Top Tips for Increasing Your Water Intake post on our grid 😀

Let us know in the comments below how much water you drink a day.

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