Top Tips for Healthy Snacking 

Have you ever stopped to think about why snacking is important?

Snacking is important for a number of reasons:

✅ Helps stabilise energy and blood sugar levels
✅ Prevents overeating at mealtime
✅ Controls appetite
✅ Makes it easier to choose healthy food
✅ Improves concentration and mood
✅ Promotes weight loss

You shouldn’t be snacking, “just because”, snacks should be eaten mindfully when you are hungry between meals to keep you sustained until you can have a proper meal.

In the WLA we recommend three meals per day and healthy snacks in between. Generally, that looks like this:

🕖 Breakfast
🕙 A small snack – a single portion of fruit or veg
🕐 Lunch
🕒 A bigger snack – anything bigger than a single portion of fruit or veg
🕕 Dinner
🕘 A small snack – a single portion of fruit or veg, if physically hungry

Here are our top tips for healthy snacking:

⏰ Try to eat more regularly throughout the day to prevent big gaps between meals

🍌 Eat as much fruit and vegetables as you like, but listen to your body and try not to eat just for the sake of it

🍫 Go for snack/cereal bars with less than 5g of sugar per 100g and the least number of ingredients like nakd bars, which have no added sugar

🍿 Go for savoury snacks like plain nuts and seeds, plain popcorn, lentil crisps or baked vegetable crisps with no added salt

✋ Be mindful of dried fruit, one handful per day is recommended

🍽 Aim to not replace regular meals with snacks, if feeling less hungry at mealtime prepare a smaller portion of the recipe

🔄 Add variety to your snacks. For your bigger snack, you can alternate between protein-based snacks (boiled eggs, smoothie, Greek yoghurt) or a carbohydrate-based snack (naked bars, banana bread, crackers with toppings)

Here are some of our favourite larger snack options 😋

🥚 2 boiled eggs
🍘 2 crackers with nut butter, cream cheese or hummus
🍏 Apple slices with 1 tablespoon of nut butter
🥜 Small handful of nuts and raisins
🍓 125g of Greek yoghurt and fruit

Let us know in the comments below what your favourite snacks are.

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