What Is The 80/20 Approach?

One of the main reasons people fail to lose weight is by restricting themselves to healthy foods 100% of the time, losing motivation and having a treat. The treat turns into a day of mindless eating, a day turns into the weekend and the cycle of “I will get back on my diet on Monday” starts again. 

In the WLA we do not demonise any foods and no foods are off-limits. We use the 80:20 guide along with the WLA formula, portion sizes, intuitive eating and behaviour change to help you eat foods that you enjoy without feeling restricted.

But what is the 80/20 approach?

⭐ The 80/20 approach allows you to eat healthy 80% of the time and indulge 20% of the time.

⭐ 80% of the time you eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean protein, including plant-based proteins such as beans, soy, and edamame and limited amounts of healthy fats from avocados or olive oil.

⭐ 20% of the time you have the freedom to indulge in foods that may be higher in calories and sugar.

⭐ It is a flexible approach to dieting that allows you to enjoy some of your favourite foods that may not be the most diet-friendly.

⭐ The best thing about the 80/20 approach is that you are never saying, “I can’t eat that”, instead, you are saying, “I can eat this today and have that tomorrow.”

Let us know if you feel any difference using the 80/20 approach.

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