Where To Look For Sneaky Sugars 🍬🍬🍬

I don’t look at the labels for all foods that I pop into my trolley but I do look at some…

These are foods I tend to look at in the pic, also some tinned foods and dairy free milks too.

Some foods may seem healthy or be marketed as a “health food” and then you look at the label, it has 3 types of sugars 😱

While I will look at how much sugar is in these types of foods (High sugar is >22.5g per 100g / low sugar is <5g per 100g), I also like to look at the ingredients. Sugar is sugar, natural or not but I like to see overall what the ingredients are so I can make a better judgement.

Here’s a few sneaky sugar names that you might not be aware of –

➡️ High fructose corn syrup
➡️ Maltodextrin
➡️ Evaporated cane juice
➡️ Malt syrup

This is not about being afraid of sugar, I eat sugar. It’s more about knowing what you are buying. For more day to day foods I like to look for lower sugar options.

When buying a cake, I enjoy that and don’t worry about the sugar content.

It’s all about balance 🔥✅🔥

Let us know in the comments if this helped you today 🍬⤵️🍬

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