2 Ways to Get Back In Control With Food

Do you often find yourself being consumed by food, I mean literally?

Not a day goes by where food is not on your mind, what should you eat, what you shouldn’t, what is good, what is bad, what will help you lose weight etc.

It’s a serious inner battle isn’t it?

I know because I used to torture myself too.

Here’s the thing the more I freaked out about what to eat, the more I had zero control around what I was eating and my weight spiralled, funny isn’t it?

The more I pressured myself, did a really strict diet, the more I gained, I was constantly going further from where I wanted to be.

Here are 2 things I did myself to heal my relationship with food which in turn lead to sustainable weight loss. This is also how 1000’s of my clients have had massive success while working with me.


The more rules I had around food, the more pressure I felt. Eating became an activity that made me nervous especially in social occasions. I had done so many diets that I had a book of rules around food, carbs where the devil and unhealthy food just had to be cut out. After sheer frustration I researched a lot about changing my lifestyle (this was pre studying nutrition at uni) and taught myself how to balance meals in a healthy way so I didn’t have to cut stuff out, that just didn’t work for me.

Having no rules around food is amazing and you will be shocked at how that actually gives you the power back. It takes away the pressure around eating, please don’t be a slave to a diet that tells you what you can and can’t eat.


I had a vision of having the perfect diet, along with the perfect exercise routine and the perfect body. I had massive expectations of myself that just actually made me feel pretty shitty. I set the bar so high that it was impossible for me to ever feel like I was doing “good”, I was always failing in my eyes.

I realised that having a perfect diet was not the way forward for me, I realised that actually most people do not have a perfect diet in reality and people that did, may even have their own eating struggles ie. food obsession.

I got super comfortable with things not being perfect, this prevented me from going from one extreme of eating only healthy food to the other of only eating crap.

So my new approach looked like this: when my day started off not so great (if I made an unhealthy choice) I just brushed it off, no more dwelling and continuing to make unhealthy choices, I realised that every meal was a new opportunity to make a healthy choice again.

This was massive for me because It also meant that I quit the whole starting and stopping scenario, starting a diet on Monday, quitting on Wednesday because I ate a bar of chocolate. Sounds silly when you think of it but that’s the reality of it.

Try these 2 mindset hacks and see the control coming back!!

Do these tips help? I would love to know if you find them useful in the comments.

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