5 Easy Ways To Stop Eating Sugar

Feeling like you have absolutely no control over sugar?

Do you find you start the day with good intentions but by the time 3pm hits, you have already had ½ packet of biscuits with your tea. 

It happens and it’s really common, so let me share with you 5 easy tips that will help you quit your sugar habit. 

✅Have healthy snacks on hand and at home. Ensure you are creative with food, don’t always go for the same boring snacks as you will be interested in something unhealthy like cookies and chocolate.

Think of dark chocolate, medjool dates with a little nut butter, hot chocolate made with raw cacao, yoghurt with your fave fruit. Make it easy to go for the healthy options by having them available. Create variety. If you are wondering why you keep reaching for sugar, ask yourself do you have various healthy/tasty options available to you?

✅Eat often, if you feel like eating cookies at 9pm and you had your dinner at 6pm, there’s a good chance you are actually hungry. That’s why you might be finding it hard to ignore unhealthy food because you are actually hungry. Go for a healthy snack in this case.

Eat often to prevent sugar cravings. Don’t allow big long gaps between your meals as this makes it harder to say no. Create a regular eating schedule.

✅Before you reach for sugar, check in and see if it is physical hunger. Intuitive eating is an effective method for getting back in control around food, we teach this in the academy. This moment of awareness can help you with making a better choice in the moment.

If it’s physical hunger, prepare a healthy snack. If there’s no signs of hunger, what else could fill up your cup that’s not food?

✅Eat balanced meals. Just ensure your meals are nutritionally balanced this will prevent energy dips or cravings. Think to yourself do your meals have plenty of veggies, healthy fats (such as avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil, fish) and a form of protein (meat, fish, yoghurt, cheese)

✅Even though you want to stop eating sugar, don’t try to cut it out completely, that just doesn’t work and it’s not necessary either instead practice enjoying a regular portion guilt free.

We dive into all these areas in depth in the academy because dieting only makes you crave you sugar more.

Which tips are you going to try first?

Let me know in the comments 

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