Lost Your Fat Loss Motivation – Here’s Two Easy Tips!

When we are not seeing results that we want, we easily give up.

Raise your hands if this is you… ????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️

This was me, that’s why I fell into the vicious cycle of losing and gaining weight…

Remember ladies, giving up is the worst thing that you can do aside from being unrealistic.

YOUR BODY IS NOT A MACHINE, it’s not going to do what you expect it to do every single week.

However, I have 2 helpful tips that you may find beneficial if you feel that you are losing focus on your weight loss journey:

1. Ensure you have healthy foods in your cupboard ????????????????.

Environment is the key. Avoid buying unhealthy foods and let them stare you in your face.

There’s a saying “Out of side, out of mind”, which relatively applies to this.

If there is someone in the family who eats them, let them hide it somewhere you can’t see.

If you do not have healthy foods around you, you will not be able to make healthy choices.

2. Set yourself a realistic goal ????????????

Having a goal is helpful as it guides you to your destination. However, setting unrealistic goal weight is very overwhelming and unmotivating.

Many of us want to lose massive weight in an instant and because the goal is impossible to achieve, we just give up.

Set a goal that is easier to achieve and is doable. If you have a bigger goal, break it down to make it more manageable measurable and realistic.

Let me know in the comments if this helped you and which tip you want to work on.

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    • Yes! That’s the spirit! If you every struggle or need inspiration, reach out to us.


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