My NUMBER ONE Weight Loss Mindset Hack

Ladies this is something you MUST start doing if you want to consistently see change in your body and break free from your sugar binges.

Make decisions every single day from where you want to be and not where you are.

Did you wake up today and make choices/decisions from the place where you are?

The person that is:

❌ Struggling with their weight

❌ Not taking their health serious

❌ Doesn’t care about their body

❌ Eats sugar filled foods all day

❌ Doesn’t take responsibility for how they feel

If you make decisions from this place, you won’t get too far.

Instead think about already being at your goal and think about the decisions you would be making if you were already there.

How do you actually expect to get there, if you don’t start taking the necessary action?

You won’t lose weight without actually taking action..

You won’t get control back with food if you don’t care about your body/health..

I wake up everyday and know that I am always a work in progress. I have goals, I always want to feel like I am moving forward, doing my best for myself. I make daily decisions from my healthy identity, not my unhealthy identity.

If you want to be the woman that feels confident with food, has a healthy, strong body and feels energized everyday. Start acting like her now as that’s essentially what will get you to your goal.

When you feel yourself going for more food, ask yourself, “what would my healthy version do?”

Make decisions all day long from this place and flourish, I am not kidding.

Try it, it’s empowering and liberating because at any moment you can decide to change and make better decisions for yourself. It just depends how much you want it 

Tell me your weight loss / lifestyle goals in the comments so I can support you with taking action NOW 

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  • I carry weight on my tummy like the majority of post menopausal women. The rest of me is ok so the tummy looks even more pronounced. To reduce the tummy would be my goal Anna
    I’m an active 70 year old. I do have a damaged lung from a previous pulmonary embolism so I get out of breath quite easily but I’m fit, walk a lot
    Swim a lot In The Summer when our pools up snd running not so much In The winter time. And I look after a very active two year old granddaughter twice a week so I’m pretty active Not a lot I can’t do but running a marathon could be a bit tricky ????

    • We have a lot of menopausal members in the academy who see incredible results. I can’t think of any reason for you not to achieve that goal.
      Good luck!

  • I want to be active as I get older. I’ve seen my mum slow down and now my sister. I have increased my exercise, and now change my over eating bad habits. Food coma no more. Eating variety is for me

    • Hi Ness,

      Gald to hear this!

      Keep up the good work.

      Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.


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