Is Now A Good Time To Have Fat Loss Goals?

Realistically speaking, not every single day, week or month will you be in the position to pursue your weight loss goals. This is simply because life gets crazy and overwhelming at times.

You could be busy at work, there’s a project that you must finish up, caught up taking care of your kids, juggling household chores, and running errands. There could also be death in the family, an illness, injury, or even unsettled issues with your partner just to name a few.

You cannot pre-empt these things from happening. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try and for whatever reason, you can’t just simply wrap your mind to it and is a little bit difficult to give it the focus that it needs.

This is the reality of life… We are all human beings and getting drifted with these life occurrences is just perfectly okay… ????

To tell the truth, people do better when they tune in to what is going on with their life and be okay with the weeks, and even if it turns out to be months of not pushing their goal…

This doesn’t mean though that you must drop the ball. You still go about and maintain what you have achieved but just aren’t pushing yourself to achieve more. Just carry on with doing those non-negotiables to maintain, like making better food choices as much as possible or drinking a lot of water etc. ????????????????????

I notice that people who tend to do this, do better overall. It might take longer for them to get to their goal, but because they have done it in a way that is much more enjoyable, they are therefore more likely to hold on to their results.

Tuning in to what’s happening with their life enables them to experiment in managing or approaching different situations in life, while maintaining their weight at the same time.

Hope this inspired you to take things easy and gain your control back even if life is throwing lemons at you…

Remember, it is always better to maintain what you have, rather than just stop, and gain back everything that you have lost. Don’t you agree?

Let me know in the comments below ⤵️

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  • My life for the last few weeks has been traumatic with my daughter still in a care home awaiting surgery and no beds.My eating pattern prior to joining the WLA was erratic.Now I have a purpose they weight I lost in the reset will stay off now I’m eating mindfully trying to follow the plan only slowly losing weight but feeling positive.I haven’t fell by the wayside and I think I’ve kept reasonable control only missing a few meals.
    Thank you Anna without your support I dread to think where I would be now probably wallowing in bars if chocolate and cakes.

  • Great advice, makes it more doable without putting extra pressure onto oneself.
    By making better choices but still having meals out I’m in control and loving life. Thank you Anna x

    • Chuffed to read this. Life is all about balance. Losing weight doesn’t have to be complicated.


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