Packed Lunch 🍱

Looking for a fast, convenient and affordable lunch option – then look no further!

🥘 Sometimes when we start out following a meal plan we can sometimes think everything needs to be homecooked and we will end up chained to the kitchen. We often forget that the simplest of meals are often delicious and nutritious.

🤓 The WLA have you covered – going old school and bringing back the packed lunch.

🍽️ Load it up with loads of veg, some fruit, complex carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.

Check this recipe out for some packed lunch inspiration:

🥚 1 boiled egg

🧆 3 falafels

🥕 ½ carrot, chopped into sticks

🌶️ ½ red pepper, chopped into sticks

🍅 3-4 cherry tomatoes

🥄 1 tbsp hummus or tzatziki

🍊 1 mandarin (or portion of fruit of your preference)

Let us know what your favourite packed lunch goodies are in the comments below ❤️

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