Episode 22 – Three Essential Tips For Eliminating Sugar Cravings

The Goal Getter Podcast
The Goal Getter Podcast
Episode 22 - Three Essential Tips For Eliminating Sugar Cravings

Having constant sugar cravings, not only impacts your results but also makes you feel like you just can’t get control around food. Even though you know your goals, everyday you start off with the best intentions but by the evening, the biscuits are out and they are devoured. You go to bed feeling guilty, another day down the drain (well that’s how you feel, it’s actually down the drain)

There are two reasons why most experience sugar cravings, dietary chaos is one and the other is a habit.

Episode 22 dives into:

Why most of the fat loss solutions you are looking at are actually making your sugar cravings worse

Three essentials tips that are easy for eliminating sugar cravings and will also get your better fat loss results

Why your yoyo dieting is making your sugar cravings worse and keeping you stuck in a dieting hamster wheel, plus what you can do about it

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  • Podcasts are great for those who can hear!!!! Unfortunately being deaf i cannot participate

    • Hi Bridie,

      Please ask our coaches in the Facebook group, as they can help you perfectly with this question!

  • I always eat sweet things I don’t eat a lot of food can u give me a list of healthy food please

  • I don’t crave sugar as such I’m more savoury. Something I’ve learned from you is to use full fat. I was a bit scared of that but I must admit full fat Greek yogurt is amazing. A little is satisfying. Also not counting calories. So getting rid of rules I’ve had for years was a little worrying. Hey they didn’t work though. I’m giving this my best shot so far and it’s great

    • Hi Shan,

      Very good to see you are implementing changes in your life that are helping you!

      The full fat products are so much better, but the industry really wrongfully teaches us that full fat is bad for us.

      And the rules for counting calories etc. are also pushed on us, where this doesn’t teach us how to take proper care of our bodies.

      Good that you are giving it your best shot and keep going!

      For any questions, let us know in the Facebook group, our coaching will help you there!

  • Great thoughts on no rules , I am beginning to get it ! Psychologically this is working . I love the approach. I do not miss the biscuits etc.
    I would binge more due to emotional reasons. Brought up to eat everything in your plate. Finishing your food even when you are full. The regular intervals are definitely working on me. Structure & routine are powerful words for me . That is going on the fridge. (ex army) I don’t do sugar , baking I put half the amount in. It is the other foods with sugar in that is the problem , even yogurt . Thank you for explaining everything , I feed on information and especially as it is to help me loose weight . I love all the podcasts you do as well. Thank you .

    • Hi Pauline,

      Glad to hear you love our podcasts and that this one was very useful for you!

      Good to see you are implementing our teachings into your life and it’s helping.

      If you have any questions, ask our coaches in the Facebook group, so they can help you if needed!

  • Well I’ve read the emails looked at the menues & im looking forward to starting Monday as I’ve been poorly off my latest antibiotics! I’m not just wanting to loose weight I need to eat healthier to rebuild my immune system & put only goodness into my body as it’s been battered by antibiotics due to a rare severe allergic reaction to the chemo I’ve had over the last 2 1/2 years the reaction came with double pneumonia various viruses & a severe fungal infection which covered my chest so I’m hoping this last lot of antibiotics work on getting rid of the stubborn infection from the chemo only thing is the severe side effects I’ve had means if it doesn’t clear it the chemist & consultant will be at a loss as to what to do next. So this is why this resets is important to me ☺️ thanks for reading 😉

    • Hi Tracy,

      Good to hear you aren’t just here to lose weight but also want to live a healthier life permanently!

      Hope you are good after all the chemo’s and the extra reactions that came with it. Let’s get your body back where it needs to be!

      If you have any questions, ask our coaching in the Facebook group, so they can help you if needed!

  • This was a lightbulb moment for me. Thank you for helping me to see that the downfall to my dieting has been my mindset

    • Hi Dena, Amazing to hear! If you need more help, let one of our coaches know in the Facebook Group and they can help you even more for sure!

  • Love the support. I’m all ready for Monday.I have already started with eating three meals a day .When you break it down like you do I get it .

  • I started on full (healthy)fat a few months ago and it’s a game changer for me. I also make my own muesli, have quality whole meal bread as I can’t give up bread. Lots of fruit and being mindful of eating healthily. Weight loss is slow but I’m enjoying just being healthy. luckily I don’t have a sweet tooth.👍

    • Hi Sarah, Amazing to hear! And glad the full fat is working for you!!

  • Hi I am late to start as I have been unwell! I haven’t received any email with the recipes last email was on the 9th of may, is it possible to get the recipes please
    Thank you Jenny

  • I prefer a written document for all the podcasta as I have hearing problems. Where can I download all the documents?

  • Having listened to this pod cast, it realy makes sense.
    On diets in the past I have never had snacks between meals, ever, as I thought it was the wrong thing to do!
    This is starting to re-educate me.
    I have been so hungry in the past I have been guilty of eating too quickly or eating as I am making the food as I can not wait.
    Thankyou for putting this into simple terms.

  • The impact of low blood sugar levels – eating enough healthy food at regular intervals.

  • Hi really enjoying this , lost a few pounds but more important i haven’t touch biscuits or any chocolate what i usually had in the evening.Is not an effort at all ,cause allways full and satisfied with the snacks we can have . My whole thinking about food changed for the better . Thank you to all the team .X

  • I am finding the program really easy to follow and have loved most of the recipes. However I still struggle at night time. Being an insomniac I got into the habit of taking snacks to bed with me. This is a habit I’m finding hard to break

  • Really enjoyed listening to your podcast,so much common sense,full fat from now on. Thank you for your inspirational words.


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