Reclaim Your Power Back With Food

Are you constantly thinking each day, what to eat, what not to eat, what’s healthy and what you should avoid?

Is there a constant battle in your head around making food decisions?

I hear you, that used to be me also. I completely took the fun out of eating, I had a lot of fear around it. I didn’t eat food that I really enjoyed because I was constantly restricting myself. Then when I would indulge I would do it fast and not even have a chance to actually enjoy it, followed by guilt of course.

Eating was stressful. Eating out was stressful and even though I was constantly thinking about it I still didn’t make great choices. Food was on a pedestal.

Reclaiming your power back is all about FUN and ENJOYMENT.

Food is our energy source but it’s also something that we get to enjoy. Right now the flavours and various options of food are incredibly vast, there’s so much choice.

I want you to stop eating boring, bland food, if that’s not what you enjoy and I want you to put food preparation high on your list.

When I went from boiled rice and plain chicken to meals that had flavours, cheese (I feared cheese for years and wouldn’t dare use it, you know in case it made me fat), fresh herbs, you name it. I started to really enjoy my food again. Also because I dropped the restriction I didn’t have to overeat as these foods were available to me all the time, there were no rules anymore. That made a big difference in HOW much I ate of something.


???? Make time each week to prepare healthy-balanced meals that you actually enjoy with a variety of ingredients. Ditch the sad salads ladies.

???? Try and have one mindful meal per day. Sit down and savour every bite, enjoy the flavours and eat slow so you enjoy it even more (plus know when you have had enough)

???? Take food off the pedestal. It’s not good, bad, evil, it’s just food. When you start to look at it in this way, the stress disappears and you find it easier to make healthier choices.

???? Eat for health and not for weight loss. Feel empowered by your choices by looking at them as something you are doing to feel your best, to feel vital, energized and healthy.

I hope this helped you. Which tips are you going to try first?

Let me know in the comments 

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