Before You Try Your Next Detox, Think About This!

A long term, sustainable consistent approach is really what your mind and body deserve. Results will just come….

Dieting teaches the body to endure starvation by dropping the metabolic rate, and this only recovers slowly.

Once you start impacting your metabolism, it’s a slow process to have it repaired.

Every time you do a low calorie diet, juice diet, detox etc., you are impacting your metabolic rate and we do not want that because that means we need to eat less food to sustain the actual weight that we have. What we want is for the body to eat more and sustain. 

When we start impacting that, it makes it a lot harder to lose more weight and makes gaining weight a lot easier as well.

Are you ready to quit dieting for good and see results in a more empowering way?

Let me know in the comments.

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