“I’ve lost 1 stone (6kg) and 6 inches and I feel great, I feel healthier, happier and more confident”

Hi everyone, before I joined the weight loss academy I was a yo yo dieter for about 15 years. I’ve tried weight watchers, slimming world, special K cereal diet, slim fast and the last few years I was on a calorie deficit diet living on 1000 to 1200 calories per day, for me this became an obsession as I was tracking all my food and drink in my fitness pal. Once I hit my daily amount I wouldn’t eat or drink anything regardless of how I felt.

During this difficult year with the pandemic I decided it was time to focus on myself, this is when I came across the weight loss academy and decided to join as I had nothing to lose.

My results have been amazing, I’ve lost 1 stone (6kg) and 6 inches and I feel great, I feel healthier, happier and more confident. My skin and hair feel better and my sleep pattern has improved. The academy has been a game changer for me and my family, it has given me food freedom. I love to eat out with friends and family and I can do this now without the guilt afterwards, I go out and enjoy myself then straight back on plan without affecting my results. As a family we are loving the meal plans and trying new foods and we are all feeling healthier and seeing results.

I can honestly say the academy has completely changed my attitude and relationship towards food and also for my children which has made me so happy.

If you are thinking of joining the academy just do it  you won’t regret it I promise. The only regret I have is not joining sooner.

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