“Since 13th July, I’m half a pound off losing 2 stone”

I started the reset in July 2020 a week after my 41st birthday. 

I have always yo-yoed with my weight & have been at my smallest a size 12 in my late teens, up to size 18 following the births of my 3 daughters & most recently earlier this year.  I have followed numerous diets since my late teens – Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Rosemary Connelly, Atkins, Fast Metabolism, The Body Coach & Keto to name a few. I have lost weight on all these diets but have felt restricted & inevitably the weight goes back on .  Since starting reset in July, I haven’t felt restricted once, actually quite the opposite.  I now listen to my body & make healthy choices most of the time.  

At times when I haven’t had access to healthy food my body has craved it, something I would never have thought. The Facebook group has been fantastic, I check in with what’s going on a few times a day.  The food plans are great, I followed reset to the letter but felt confident to mix meals & create my own after that.   

For me though, the most important part of the plan is the commitment Anna puts into it, she makes each and every one of us feel like she is behind us, she comments on people’s posts & you genuinely are made to feel special.  

I cannot thank Anna enough, I feel more comfortable in my own skin, at the beginning I was desperate for the weight to come off & it did, now things have slowed but I’m still losing. Since 13th July, I’m half a pound off losing 2 stone. 

I know what I need to do to lose more & to maintain when I’m ready.  I’m looking forward to starting the new year without another diet.  My advice would be to sign up now, you will not be disappointed, Anna’s plan is completely life changing.

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