“The added bonus of the support group reminded me I was not alone in the journey by sharing achievements, struggles and found new friendships.”

1. What you did before the academy, previous diets etc?

Previous diets include ‘dash’- a low carb, no sugar metabolic reset for diabetics set by medics. Lost 1 stone in 7 months, recorded my targets, but body shape did not change and weight went back on.

2. How you felt before you joined the academy 

Felt frustrated, upset and confused at not finding the right diet that worked. It was a light bulb moment when WLA popped up on Facebook, I felt happy and had a good feeling about the programme before I even joined.

3. My results – physical and mindset. 

Great bonus to have lost my spare tyres, double chin, boobs reduced, found my hips and body shape changed so much, clothes are much looser. My energy levels increased, set new personal targets of walking 5 miles daily, now doing a virtual walk from John OGroats to Lands End.

Mentally more aware of healthier choices in food, find it exciting to plan, cook and still able to eat great meals. The weekly review made me determined to keep going.

4. What specifically have you achieved? 

Awareness that you can eat and lose weight by keeping to 2 simple rules: plan healthy meals and reward yourself with a weekly treat.

5. How much weight have you lost? 

1 stone.

5. How has your relationship to food and yourself changed?

Pleasantly surprised I can eat and lose weight, food tastes nicer and the variety of recipes makes cooking exciting. All the family have joined me, they too like the menus.

6. What would you say to someone thinking about joining?

Definitely do it, it’s not just a diet or about losing weight, apart from seeing results beyond any expectations, it taught me you can still eat tasty food, where nothing is forbidden and feel happy, confident and more energised for it.

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