“I have lost a stone and a half overall and 15 inches over bust, hips, waist, and thigh measurements. However, far more importantly I now enjoy food so much more.”

2020 dawned and New Year resolutions were made the same as every previous year. Lose weight and get fitter etc. same, same old story. Yo-Yo dieting throughout my adult years.

Tried this one and that one but always put any weight I took off back on, often with extras added. Slimming World (SW) was my most successful so that was what was planned for spring to feel better for summer. March 23 rd came, lockdown had arrived. What did that mean for me? Daughter is a key worker, so granddaughter came to live with us to keep us all ‘safe’. Granddaughter is 12, a bean pole and eats continuously. Disaster was approaching.

We were worried about daughter/Mum so we baked and ate, we were worried about Grandad getting the virus so we baked and ate more, we could not go out, so we baked and ate even more. You get the picture! 19 weeks of home learning when I was sat at the PC with her providing support followed by a few weeks of ‘Eat out to Help Out’ and I had added a lockdown stone.

Finally, school started up again and I knew I needed to do something. I just could not face walking the ‘walk of shame’ weekly up to those scales at SW. Feeling exceptionally low, demotivated and frankly fat I saw Annas Weight Loss Academy (WLA) advert and thought ‘What have I got to lose?’. I did not expect enrolment on her re-set to change my life, my
attitude, and my whole world. I hoped it would give me the ‘boost’ needed to join the SW circus once again.

Re-set started and the menus arrived. Planning began and WOW so much food to eat I could not believe it. I discovered full fat stuff was not the ‘demon’ but the requirement. I was in heaven. How could this possibly work I questioned but I persevered. It had to be worth a try, and I was enjoying the food anyway, so nothing lost there. Shopping lists helped with the
weekly online shopping and planning became the key.

Suddenly I began to feel energised and full of life. I wanted to exercise daily. The routine dog walk got to be a highlight and the dog started to have to run to keep up with me.

My skin changed, I felt radiant and I looked forward to three great meals a day and found I did not need to snack. An opportunity to join the 12-week programme followed the re-set.

Did I want more?

Of course, I did. Selfishly, I did not want to lose my new Facebook WLA friends who inspired me daily to keep going. I began to find I was commenting in the group more. Unheard of previously, my confidence was bounding, and I was happy to share and help others when they needed a boost.

I started to plan my own meals with all I had learnt from the WLA website and the online tutorials. Success for me has happened but not just weight loss. I have lost a stone and a half overall and 15 inches over bust, hips, waist, and thigh measurements. However, far more importantly I now enjoy food so much more. I can have what I want, and I can now eat one biscuit/piece of chocolate, enjoy it and not want to finish the packet/bar.

This programme has taught me to plan and eat properly. I am happier in myself and the last lockdown was so much easier. Online exercise classes? I could never have dreamt earlier in the year that I would be ‘hot footing upstairs’ excited to do a class without anyone else with me.

My post exercise session photo is a typical me now. I am positive this way of eating is now a way of life for me. I know there will be more challenges ahead, but I am confident I can cope and adapt my diet to fit in with any situation.

Scales are no longer needed; my jeans tell the story. I know if they are getting tight then to think about what I have been doing and eating, or perhaps they are the ones that are next size down I have picked up in error?

I am not skinny, but I am incredibly happy and learning to love my body for what it is. I am lucky to have found WLA and should you need a ‘boost’ you really owe it to yourself to
embrace the WLA way of life.

The support you will receive from coaches and friends is incredible. You are never alone. No problem is dismissed. You will be among the biggest, friendliest, non-judgemental support network I have ever experienced.

2021 is dawning. I am struggling to find New Year resolutions connected to my lifestyle and diet. Of course, I want this virus to go and be able to enjoy all the things we did previously.

However, this time I want to join family and friends with my newfound confidence being proud and happy of who I am. Thank you WLA, you will never know how much the academy
has given me.

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