Top Tips for Choosing Better Quality Meats 🍔🥩🌭

The temperature is on the increase again, which means the BBQs are out when we get the chance ☀️🌡️

In our “Top Tips for Eating Healthily at BBQs” post one of the tips was to go for the leaner cuts of meat. But what should you be looking for in BBQ meats?

Here are our tips on how to choose better quality meats 👀

1. Red Meat (Beef, Pork, Lamb etc.) 🐄🐖🐑

Choosing the leanest cuts and removing any visible fat can greatly reduce your saturated fat intake. Buying pork loin instead of ribs, or lean sirloin steak rather than a fattier cut, are better choices. Before cooking, tenderise meat by marinating it, this will break down the muscle fibres or tough bits of meat to make it softer and easier to eat.

Mince is graded by the amount of fat it contains and often the label will highlight fat content. As a guideline, mince with a fat content of 10% or less is considered low in fat while mince with less than 4% fat is considered very lean.

2. Chicken or Turkey 🐔🍗

White meat such as chicken and turkey is lower in fat, especially the breast. To reduce the overall fat content you can remove any skin – preferably before you cook it, as this is where most of the fat is. Turkey mince is a good alternative to beef mince or lamb mince in dishes such as bolognese, chilli or meatballs.

3. Burgers and Sausages 🍔🌭

Look for burgers and sausages with a high percentage of meat content. In general, the higher the meat percentage, the better quality of the product, try to choose one containing more than 75% meat. Making your own burgers is quick and easy and lets you control the portion sizes. Whatever meat you use – beef, lamb, chicken or turkey – use the leaner versions and make smaller burgers. You can also try using a tuna fish steak or how about a vegetarian bean, lentil or soya burger or make your own kofta skewers!

Let us know if this helped you in the comments below.

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