What is Willpower?

Want to know how to improve your willpower?

Feeling like you have zero control around the cookies and biscuits?

Understanding how you can improve your willpower is a game changer (and it’s quite simple).

Willpower or commonly known as self-control is regarded as a supply of energy that we use for control, self-discipline and decision making. Willpower and energy are working very closely together.

When we have high energy, we have high will power, and when we have low energy, we have low willpower.

When we go through our day, doing different things and making decisions around food, we are using our willpower…

It is also our ability to change our response and substitute them with another.

An example would be:

✅Choosing to have apple and peanut butter as a snack, rather than grabbing chocolates or biscuits.
✅Deciding to go on a walk or do a workout as oppose to sitting on a sofa and watch TV.
✅Having a tea as your drink instead of wine or any alcohol
✅Cooking a healthy meal rather than ordering a takeaway
✅Going to bed early rather than binge-watching netflix

Though some people may have higher will power compared to others, what most of us do not know is that willpower can be improved.

Wondering how?

Since willpower is the energy that we use for self-control, stabilising one’s glucose supply is one of the best ways to strengthened willpower. How then do we stabilise the glucose levels? – by eating regularly. ????

When our brain receives a steady supply of glucose, we will have the ability to make better decisions. Stabilised blood sugar levels positively impact willpower in a way that we can easily say “no” as our body is satisfied or our brain has been fed. Low blood sugar levels on the other hand make everything harder to resist.

When we go and give these long gaps on our meals, the brain is not getting that steady supply of glucose and it becomes difficult for us to make a healthy choice… ❎

This is the common reason why dieters usually give up on their weight loss goals and have no willpower to eat or choose to eat healthily…

They usually have high willpower at the start of their diet, but doing all this low calorie diets or not eating at regular intervals contribute to the low supply of glucose to their brain. Hence, they have low self-control, which would just lead them to give up not sustaining what they have started…

So before you even go on a “diet”, think of this again. Are you really moving towards your goal or are you setting yourself up for failure?

Hope this helps you today. Let me know in the comments below ⤵️

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