How to Stay in Your Happy Place? ????

Wondering how to maintain your weight once you have achieved your goal? ????????????

How do you actually stay in your “happy place” once you get there?

I would like to discuss two important things when dealing with maintenance if you already got to your happy place, or your are in a stressful life situation right now, and just wants to focus on maintenance:

???? Keeping the WLA Formula in Your Food – Always remember that the Fat Loss Formula or the structure of your meals is always the same.

The Weight Loss Academy structure is something that you eat not just for weight loss but also for maintenance.

There is none much of a difference with regard to the structure when you are maintaining. What you can do if you are on maintenance is to adjust your portions slightly, add an extra indulgence, or add a snack if you feel your body needs it…

???? Awareness is crucial – Awareness is very important not just with weight loss but also when it comes to maintenance so you must continue tapping to it.

Listen and tune in to your body and pay attention to the signals it gives you. You would know if you feel bloated or if you had too much food.

This information can be gathered by just feeling and listening to your body. When you are already at your happy place you do not necessarily have to track your progress that often…

Ditch the scales. You may try on your old clothes and see if they suddenly feel snug, take your measurements etc., the same way that you were doing when you were trying to lose weight or in a way that feels good for you… ????

You are only doing it so you have a piece of data to help you gauge or identify if you are maintaining or not.

When you are maintaining what you have achieve, you also need to have a toolbelt of strategies in dealing with life situations, and not use food as your resort to making you feel better, in dealing with boredom, or handle stress. You need to learn how to handle life…

It is normal to feel bloated from time to time but do not let it continue and let it slip to self-sabotage . (I feel bloated so I will just let it continue and will not do anything about it) – #verywrong…

When you find yourself in this situation, always, always go back to basics.

Hope this helped you today, and may you approach the holidays with confidence that you’ve got everything under control when it comes to maintaining your goals. ????

I would love to hear from you so let me know in the comments below… ⤵️

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  • Thank you Anna. I was hoping to get to next stone down. However at the moment work patterns have been very long. So yesterday had felt if I can maintain for next couple of weeks. Then dive back in after. So video is very timely!

    • Glad it helped you Marayah. Proud of you in knowing when to exactly push for more or maintain.


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