“I lost 9lbs & 5 inches off my body. My face thinned out & discovered my cheekbones!!”

Before discovering Anna , I was a serial dieter. From starvation to diet pills & using laxatives as a teenager to all the advertised diets in the media.

Had been dieting since I was 14-15 always looking for that quick fix with instant results. I’d been successful with WW for a while then would flit on to the next diet, SW , SureSlim, Almaseed meal replacement , Slimfast & finally Cambridge 1:1 Diet.

I had heard of intuitive eating a couple of years ago, tried it but always returned to diet as I wasn’t learning about the behaviours alongside the process.

This year I turned 50 & decided I didn’t want to waste anymore of my life dieting & be ruled by food & the scales.

Early Autumn while scrolling through FB, I discovered Anna & her September Reset post. I loved the sound of it & somehow knew it would work & signed up straight away.

Best decision of my life !!

After 3 weeks enjoying Anna’s meal plans , listening to my body & hunger cues, learning from Anna’s trainings, I lost 9lbs & 5 inches off my body. My face thinned out & discovered my cheekbones!!

Clothes were fitting better & I was also able to buy new ones too. The community of ladies in the Reset were so lovely, encouraging & cheering each other on.

Anna gave us the opportunity of joining her Academy for a further 3 months, I knew I wanted to continue with this ,learning more about her meal planning , formula of balancing meals & more importantly the behaviours behind all our actions.

I’ve lost a few more lbs & inches too .

My relationship with food has changed, I no longer hate it , I enjoy cooking from scratch trying different recipes & learning there are no bad foods. I no longer cook the same meals each day because it’s low fat . I have learnt there are NO BAD foods .

Also Anna’s mantra ‘Every Meal is a New Opportunity’ is so true .

The Academy has been a game changer for me.

I’ve newfound confidence in me as a person.

Eating delicious meals.

The support & encouragement from Anna & her coaches & the ladies in the WLA.

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