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In a world where social media is rampant and is a huge driving force in setting standards, it becomes much easier for us to give in to the thought of having low-self worth. ????

Low self-worth is typically a mindset of judgments and beliefs about oneself.

It goes in different forms such as feeling hopeless, not able to move towards your goals, feeling undeserving of your success or feeling not worthy.

People who have been battling weight gain for a long time, or having food struggles usually experience low self-worth, and browsing in social media seeing edited photos of “perfect body figures” just fuels more their feeling of low-self worthiness.

Having low self- worth can trigger a change which could have an opposite effect.

“I feel so fat therefore I will do an extreme diet”.

In effect, it will just end up to self loathing as the extreme diet will be most likely short lived and unsustainable…

Now here comes the dieting mentality – (I have blown it, I’m a failure, I might as well just not bother). ❎

If you happen to experience this, or find someone close to you in the same situation, how would you flip the situation around?

Here are some helpful tips for you:

✅ Think of food as a form of nourishment rather than a weight loss tool. Eat healthily because that’s what your body deserves, that’s what is good for your body, and not because you want to just simply shred those extra weight off in the fastest way possible. The weight loss will just simply follow.

✅Choose a form of movement or exercise that feels good for you. In this way you won’t think of exercise as something that is grueling act but rather a passion that motivates you to move your body. When you move, your body benefits from it and your body will thank you for it.

✅Fuel your mind with positive affirmation about yourself. Everyday, make it a habit to tell yourself how good your hair look like, how you are doing an awesome job at work, how your eye color compliments your skin tone. You will be surprised how this changes your mood. Be your own cheerleader because you deserve it and you are worth it.

✅Keep in mind that nobody is perfect. Go for progress instead of perfection. Every little step you take, is a step closer to your goal.

Remember, every bit of energy that you put in these things to work on yourself or improving in the areas that need a little bit of work – you will benefit from it. ????

So why would you not bother to make these changes for yourself?

Do you want to just settle in a story, in a comfort zone that is miserable and not living your life in your truest way?

Leaving you here with this thought to ponder… ????????????

Hope this help you today in some way. Let me know in the comments below. ⤵️

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